Criminal Defense

Dedicated to defending the accused, the criminal defense lawyer at Bordner Law is well versed and will ensure your rights aren’t violated by the prosecution or police. We are compassionate and understand your fear of the consequences that you could be facing.

We will relentlessly defend you in court and are determined to get your charges dismissed or decreased. Regardless of the charges against you, we believe that every individual deserves the right to an affective legal representative.

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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury

Have you been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence? Reach out to a personal injury attorney today to get you the compensation you deserve to help you with medical costs and lost income.

No matter how difficult or complex your case may be, the attorney at Bordner Law is prepared to evaluate your situation and create a strategy they are confident in. We won’t stop fighting until we’re happy with the verdict you received.

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What We Specialize In

Veterans Law

Specializing in veterans law, the attorney at Bordner Law will focus on your disability claim while you focus on your health. With over 30 years of combined legal experience under our belts, your dedicated team will be your personal advocates and fight for the VA disability benefits you deserve.

Relentlessly serving and representing America’s veterans, we won’t rest until we are satisfied with the results of your case. We’re honored to make a difference in the lives of our veterans.

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Where We Serve

We will represent criminal defendants anywhere in the state of Maryland and in York and Adams counties. We accept personal injury clients anywhere in Maryland. If you are a veteran fighting for your VA benefits, we will represent you anywhere in America.

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