Governor Wolfe and Lt. Governor Fetterman and the Board of Pardons announced on September 1, 2022 that for 30 days they would be offering an expedited pardon process for certain non-violent marijuana possession offenses.

Things you need to know about the Marijuana Pardon Project:

  1. The only crimes eligible under this program are:  Possession of Marijuana (Title 35, Section 780-113, Subsection A31), Marijuana, Small Amount Personal Use (Title 35, Section 780-113, Subsection A31i).
  2. The marijuana charges cannot be linked to any crimes of violence, i.e. assault, robbery, etc.
  3. You CANNOT have any other convictions in any state or federal jurisdiction.
  4. This program is only being offered from September 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022.
  5. You must apply online and the application must be submitted by September 30, 2022.
  6. In order to apply online, you first need to create a Keystone account with a unique username and password with access to your email and/or cell phone at the time of registration for the Keystone login. DON’T LOSE THIS USERNAME AND PASSWORD!
  7. You will need case information to apply: Court Term and Number, County where you were convicted, and the “OTN” (Offense Tracking Number). You should be able to get this information through Case Search – Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System.
  8. The Marijuana Pardon Project applies to all past convictions for the possession of marijuana as referenced above, no matter how old the conviction.  However, if your conviction is more than 10 years old you will likely be unable to find your case when you search for it.  This is due to Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate law which removes cases from the public viewing system after ten years. (Any conviction prior to September 2012 will likely not be searchable.)

If you have convictions for other marijuana related offenses, you are not eligible to apply for a pardon under the Marijuana Pardon Project, however you may have other options to apply to the Board of Pardons.

We can help you determine if you are eligible under the Marijuana Pardon Project or if there are other avenues to assist you in clearing up your Pennsylvania criminal record.  Contact us at (443) 439-8672 or use our online Contact Form.

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